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Heavy Pumpers Range

  • Heavy Pumpers Range
  • Heavy Pumpers Range

When particularly large amounts of extinguishing agents are needed, the water supply is poor or distances are great, it’s time to call in the specialists: Tank pumpers that can carry large quantities of extinguishing agents and apply them forcefully where needed on the scene. Our fire-fighting giants carry up to 10,000 l water as well as a choice of foam, powder or CO2, all made possible by a special superstructure concept with external tanks positioned transverse to the rear axle(s). Having an enormous amount of strength is one thing; knowing how to apply it effectively is another. Magirus high-performance pumps, mechanical and electric proportioning systems and high-capacity monitors get the job done. And there’s no need to fear these gentle giants: With the HMI pump control unit they’re as easy to control as every other Magirus vehicle.


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